Man Finds Giant “Lawn Pimples” In His Backyard And Decides To Pop Them

I think most of us can remember how infuriating pimples were during our teenage years. Admittedly, some people suffered from acne a lot worse than others, but a badly placed spot had the potential to ruin our appearance for days.

When I was 14, I refused to leave the house without caking my face in a ridiculous amount of concealer. I’ll never forget pulling out a pocket mirror in high school to check that none of my spots were showing. It was a constant battle. But it’s not just us humans who have acne-prone bodies. It turns out that gardens are also susceptible to a pimple or two. This was something that James Callender discovered when a giant pimple suddenly appeared in his backyard. “After a downpour in Cambridge Springs, PA I found this odd Lawn Bubble in my backyard,” he wrote in the caption of his now viral YouTube video. “So strange but interesting.” The heavy rain had weighed down on the grass, but it eventually reached a point where there was nowhere else on the lawn for the rainwater to go. So, like oil on a human face, it formed a giant pimple. When James spotted the giant pimple in his backyard, he did what anyone else would do and decided to pop it, but before he enacted what was an incredibly satisfying pop, he got his wife to film it. Despite the fact that you have probably never heard of lawn pimples before, they are more common than what you might think. When water is tapped between your lawn and a membrane of sorts, a bubble-like structure is formed. “I’ve never seen this before in all my life but apparently, it’s rained so much that it’s made a water bubble in the yard,” Callendar said in the video. “I hope it’s not going to turn into Noah’s Ark.” As the video begins, Callendar can be seen walking over to the lawn bubble with a sharp gardening tool to burst it. He prods the bubble a number of times in an attempt to relieve the pressure inside. It’s horrifyingly similar to popping a pimple as a teenager… “I’ll stand on it and make it come out more,” Callendar says to the camera. At this point, some water has been squeezed out of the lawn pimple, but the bubble is definitely proving itself to be a lot harder to pop than what most of us would expect it to be. After persevering, the trickle of water coming out of the bubble soon turns into a stream. Callendar is still standing on top of it, and he can be seen slowly moving towards the ground as the bubble deflates. “Kids don’t try this at home,” he said, moving his feet around to help speed the process up. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit jealous of Callendar for getting to pop a pimple that big. His wife quips that there is “only one kid thatch try this” because he is clearly enjoying popping it so much. It’s satisfying to watch because, unlike when we popped pimples as teens, this spot isn’t going to leave a nasty mark behind on our skin – even if Callendar’s garden ends up muddier than usual for the next few days!

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