Her Boyfriend Told Her To Stop Taking Selfies Because Of Her Acne, Now She’s Found A Miracle Cure

A relationship is built on love, trust and understanding. Without those three fundamental elements, a partnership simply cannot conventionally function. Why? Because if your soulmate doesn’t care about hurting your feelings, then what hope is there?

One person who learned that the hard way was Mollie Cowin. The 22-year-old from Kent, England, was left heartbroken by her boyfriend’s cruel comments regarding her severe acne.

Check out her skin before she found a miraculous cure…

Mollie, a corporate banker, had always been conscious of her skin having suffered from bad breakouts since she was 14-years-old. Desperate to try anything that could cure her calloused skin, she tried practically every skincare product available in the drugstore – but nothing worked.

“I [have] spent so much money over the past few years on complicated skincare routines that were just useless and a waste of time and money,” Cowin writes on her Instagram page where she shares her skin’s journey with her 2,000 followers.

Losing patience with drugstore solutions and crippled by cruel comments made by her unsupportive boyfriend, Cowin knew she needed to find another alternative – for her skin and her love life!

To document her journey, Cowin opened an Instagram account where she planned to share before and after photographs to really put products to the test.

However, when she told her boyfriend of her plans he tried to stop her. “As soon as I told my boyfriend I was going to share my skin pictures online to help others, he would tell me that it wasn’t a good idea in case some of his friends saw,” Cowin said.

Talking of her toxic relationship, Cowin explained how she stayed with her boyfriend because she felt so insecure about her appearance: “I stayed with him because of my lack of confidence, and I was almost driven to get my skin sorted so that he would accept me.”

Intent on fixing her problematic skin, Cowin went to a dermatologist. “[I] begged her to give me something that would sort my skin out,” she recalls. “Luckily I left that doctor’s office with the drug Roaccutane in my hand and started a six-month course to make my skin perfect.”

“I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and didn’t know what kind of journey I would go on. I wasn’t scared of it as I wanted clear skin SO BAD,” Cowin explains of the drug, which has been received a lot of criticism due to its side effects which include depression.

Little did she realize it at the time, but this drug was about to completely change her life.

Initially, Cowin didn’t see the results she’d expected. “At first the drug took it’s time to set in and my skin was still red and patchy,” she explains. “There were also several points where I didn’t know if I could carry on because no difference was being made, but I stuck to it.”

Then, six months later, Mollie saw some miraculous results.  “Now I’ve taken the six months worth of drugs, my skin hardly breaks out in spots and I have the confidence to go out without make-up,” she proudly announced via her Instagram page.

“I did struggle with the side effects, like having excess body hair and it challenging my mental health, [but] my confidence is so much better [now] that it doesn’t bother me,” says Cowin, who has now finished a six-month course of the drug.

“What I went through with my skin changed me as a person,” she writes. “I have a new found confidence I could have never imagined, got rid of toxic people that didn’t truly make me happy and I feel so much better.”

Of course, she also parted ways with her boyfriend. “I am also no longer with the boy who made me feel so bad about my skin, and I now have the confidence to approach people who I find attractive,” she says.

Now, that’s what you call a happy ending! All Cowin now needs is a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet and love her for who she is to make this a true fairytale!

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